The Opportunity

Where is the gap ?

  • Technologically, year 2025 is a focal point. It is a year where many tel-communication companies around the world announced they will stop promoting analogue communication lines and move to  digital platforms – IP Voice 

    Technology of thousands of response centers around the world is based on analogue broadcast transmission systems. They are not adapted to the coming digital transformation.


  • Demographically - The population is aging and consequently their needs are changing, demanding upgraded and more personalized connected health & care services. Most aim to age in place, confidently and independently and sustain purposeful living as long as possible

    Most response centers address elementary needs of the aging population focusing mostly on emergency solutions rather than offering a wide scale of alternatives in alignment to the changing needs of the aging population at home.



In order to sustain relevance and grow response centers MUST change.

  • Replace their current support systems & adapt to the changing digital world with technology enabled solutions & wide range of relevant services.

  • Adapt & upgrade end users' interface to the new enabling technology

  • Establish product & service portfolio which addresses the new customer profile & needs.


Where is the pain ?


The changes entail high costs due to the need for on site infrastructure & interfaces changes, continuous IT support, cloud management, staff recruitment as well as changes in the organization’s way of working. Thousands of small to mid response centers around the world,will need to invest substantial sums of money in order to sustain relevance. The deployment often represents a significant risk for a business of any size, and often puts such software out of the reach of smaller organizations.

  • Response centers who use analogue platforms, were accustomed to develop & sustain the system for years without any need for a substantial change. The end user’s interfaces were based on simple sound protocols with minimal need for upgrades. The costs entailed in developing & supporting the system were time specific and did occur on an on going basis.

  • In the digital world, on the other hand, in an era of on going changes, response centers will need to continuously update the protocols in order to stay aligned and relevant.  There is a need for a “Live” system that is continuously upgraded.

  • Development & maintenance of such platforms entail high costs – It requires adjustment to the new digital enabled platform, a need to update end-user equipment and an ongoing  support  as well as cloud services in order to maintain relevance & sustain the connectivity in light of the rapid technological changes.


The solution


HearUnet Transforms response centers to the new demographic & digital era.

HearUNet is an innovative on demand cloud-based software solution (B2B2C) based on subscription model, that transforms today's response centers to a digitally connected ecosystem which addresses the challenges of the growing aging population with cost efficiencies.


It enables response centers to confidently & safely upgrade their systems & user interfaces while aligning to their current platforms, sustaining minimum risk of change. The system which is continuously upgraded enables great efficiencies not only by reducing the internal investments and costs needed but also, by ensuring that the response center sustains high quality & innovative service.

The opportunity is BIG

HearUnet will enable hundreds of emergency response centers, who serve millions of clients, around the world
to sustain relevance as well as provide new technology enabled solutions as profitable vehicles of growth:

       * Penetrate new aging end users

       * Grow consumer basket
       * Provide cost efficiencies via effective use of resources as well as automated working models


The alternative solutions

  • Software companies who develop systems on demand (B2B)

  • In house development centers – mainly in large scale companies

  • B2C digital apps that address ONLY specific issues