The latest enabled technology
which allows all those who wish to age in place, do so, confidently & independently.


HearU HomeCare offer the latest technology to allow all those who wish to age in place, do so, confidently & independently. It offers tailored solutions for aging in place in order to enhance health, community & security care.

HearU HomeCare App is placed on the end users' personal tablet which acts as the system center of intelligence. It offers complete home care unit with monitoring and alarm features and is connected 24/7 to a response center, to care givers and service providers.

The platform offers a wide range of features which are built-in the system. in addition, it provides advanced sensor integration & compatibility to external features available with the relevant API / specification.

HearU HomeCare supports wide range of in-home & mobile PERS devices as well as

voice recognition platforms. The range of devices allows one to choose the solution that

best meets the needs of the end user and caregivers. Some devices are designed

for in home use, monitoring a person’s living patterns like medication intake and movement.

Other devices are mobile and allow the users to travel as they normally do while the

tracking technology allows the response center to monitor and respond when in-need.

HearU HomeCare solutions are modular, and one could select a tailored set which

best addresses his/her needs. It provides the right level of care needed and can be

modularly updated & upgraded in accordance to one’s need state.

The platform is based on digital IP technology, mobile, Bluetooth,

Wifi & Smartup integration. Although the tablet acts as “closed system”, the interactive

system can be configured onsite using its advanced system control panel or remotely via WiFi or the internet.

The range of solutions offered by HearU HomeCare is wide and addresses a spectrum of needs across the health, housing and social care landscape. Solutions which enables one to sustain independent & purposeful leaving as long as possible.

Supported products – selected according to need:

  • PERS home integrated & wearable (mobile connected) – panic button
    HearU HomeCare personal emergency response system (PERS) offers an advanced two-way voice communication system. It provides a hands-free, two-way communication link between an individual in distress and a 24-hour response centre. It provides immediate medical assistance in situations of emergency.


  • HearU HomeCare supports wide range of devices that ensure one’s safety & health.

  • External supported services:

    - Smart locks system | Door magnet sensor
    - Healthcare medical devices & remotes health monitoring
    - Bed occupancy monitor
    - Fall detectors
    - Motion detector
    - Smoke detector
    - Gas Leakage detector
    - Room temperature monitor
    - Smart home integration system  
    - Home camera monitoring (IP Wifi)
    - 24/7 monitoring system - discreetly learns & monitors movement & activities, detecting any irregularities.

    All devices are connected to the central home unit & protected by both digital IT technology & analogue connection. There is real time follow up on services ordered & rendered to assure best care & satisfaction.

  • Integrated services and features:

    • Medical support:
      - Full medical management App (History, doctor’s visits…)
      - Drug intake management
      - Live chat with doctors | nurses | professional medical support
      - Medical services order – ambulance, nurses, doctors, blood sampling


    • Security & Safety:
      - Easy connection to external emergency services – 911
      - Camera control monitoring system
      - Virtual security (“safety body guard”) – mobile connected
      - The status of the system is continuously manages & monitored to assure battery level & GPS connectivity.


    • Social, leisure and communal network:
      The system provides on going updates on social, communal and leisure events enabling one
      to socialize in a simple and intuitive way.

      - On-line and off-line content view of social & communal events
      - Real-time chats & video with community, caregivers & friends
      - Easy connection to caregivers & friends via voice enabled technology
      - Accessibility to social platforms i.e facebook, Instagram
      - Gaming programs to assist & support with emotional, physical & mental well-being
      - A rich VOD system managed by HearUnet content management


    • Home management:
      HearUnet provides variety of solutions which assists one in managing the daily routine conveniently & independently. All services are aggregated and easily manages in one simple place – the tablet.

      - Management of external services such as post & banking services which go thru digital transformations.
      - Accessibility to information & updates from service providers & the response center.
      - A personal assistant event log & alert system managed by caregivers & the response center
      - Ability to order variety of services i.e. house-cleaning / laundry / handyman & other professionals

    • Billing:
      The Billing mechanism is based on a monthly integrated billing service which enables one monthly payment for all services given via HearUnet or external providers.