Our Digital Journey

For the past two years, we’ve been working on the development of the next generation of technological software solutions for emergency response centers around the world. We’ve been working on providing holistic solutions for the aging population who aims to age confidently & independently in their homes. Establishing services which address not only their needs for emergency support but also daily care and social and communal network with the connection to their caregiver, service providers & friends.

We understood that when addressing these needs, we must evaluate the changes that the aging population undergoes, in order to provide solutions and technologies that will be relevant not only for the needs of today, but also encounter and address the needs of the future.

We’ve started our journey by thoroughly learning the ecosystem via data mining, research, personal meetings with professionals, sessions with key opinion formers in the world of technology, medicine, futurism, gerontology as well as deep overview of the longevity economy. We’ve met PERS companies, conducted focus groups and surveys among the elders and caregivers to better evaluate the needs.

Consequently, before moving into the development stage of the system, we mapped the needs, aspiration and challenges to be addressed.

Why start? Why did we decide to focus on the aging population? Why did we proceed with the system?

We come from the “aging” world. We have vast experience in building and managing PERS centers and in addressing the elder population around the world. We understood that there are unmet needs and challenges for PERS centers, the elders, caregivers, the private & public sectors, which will have to be addressed as the aging population grows and as the technological ecosystem changes. We believe that there is a great business potential in addressing these needs with the relevant solution, and therefore we focus on providing it.

Our journey is at the beginning. We see the longevity and the digital revolutions as an opportunity for thousands of PERS centers and millions of elders via our system, to enjoy a wider and better tailored quality services for aging in place.

We are welcoming you to join our journey.