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Aging technology in the digital world

The ultimate management solution for response centers and for millions of people who chose to age in place.

HearUnet transforms today's analogue based emergency response centers to a digitally connected ecosystem for aging in place. It is a technologically innovative response center management system (B2B2C) which addresses the new challenges of the growing longevity economy in a digital world.


· Finalize UX & UI - Q4 2019
· System Development (MVP) – Q1 2020
· Pilot in Israel - Q2 2020
· GTM Israel – Q4 2020
· Pilot Europe – Q4 2020

The team:

Well experienced team with strong “know how” of the aging economy and PERS market.

Key market trends:


  • The world is aging   

  •  90% choose to age at home Demanding personalized connected health, care and social solutions.

  •  PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) market is valued 11.1B USD by 2025
    5.8% forecasted cagr grows

  • The world moves to a digital future | Communication moves from analogue enabled solutions to digital solutions | Growth in IP

The problem:

Today, technology of thousands of response centers around the world is based on analogue broadcast transmission systems. Most address elementary needs of the aging population focusing only on emergency solutions rather than on offering a wide range of solutions in alignment to the changing needs of the population.

In order to survive and sustain relevance, response centers (PERS) must adapt to the changing digital world & to the new aging profile & needs. Changes which entail very high costs, resources and new ways of working

The solution:

HearUnet is an innovative cloud-based management system which enables response centers to provide quality IP integrated service to the aging population.

It enables response centers to easily and confidently transform form the current analogue broadcast transmission systems to the future digital era.

Not only providing quality upgraded services to their clients but opening new frontiers of services and business growth opportunities while assuring cost savings & efficiencies.

The ‘unfair’ advantage:

  • Holistic portfolio solution - One stop shop for connected health, care and social needs for aging in place on deman

  • Multi-dimensional platform – Connection to the response center, the elder, the caregiver & the service providers

  • Modular suit of services - Customized solution on demand

  • Compliant with variety of screens, sensors and voice recognition

The opportunity:

Address a growing need of the longevity economy, the 3rd largest economy in the world, by establishing HearUNet as the ultimate solution for response centers and for millions of new elders & care givers who wish to sustain a more independent connected living.

Alternative solutions :

  • Software companies who develop systems on demand (B2B)

  • In house development centers – mainly in large-scale companies

  • Wide range of B2C digital apps solution that ONLY address specific issues out of the entire set of services required

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