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A cloud based service management software system
which enables personal emergency response centers (PERS)
to transform easily, confidently and efficiently
to the new digital era & to the world of possibilities it unveils.

HUN 6.1 – Cloud based IP integrated software system

HearUnet cloud-based software system (HUN 6.1) enables response centers to provide quality IP integrated service to the aging population they serve.  It enables response centers to easily and confidently transform form the current analogue broadcast transmission systems to the future digital era. Not only providing quality upgraded services to their clients, but opening new frontiers of services and business growth opportunities while assuring efficiencies.


 Assures safe & accountable digital transformation

As the world moves to a digital future, leading telecom companies around the world such as England, Germany, Sweden & Japan, have already declared that they will shift their traditional network to IP digital enabled services, by 2025. A change which will force hundreds of response centers, who serve millions of clients, to upgrade their systems.

HUN 6.1 technology enables response centers to confidently & safely upgrade their systems & user interfaces to the digitally connected ecosystem. It does so, while aligning to their current platforms & sustaining minimum risk of change. 

With highest standards

HUN 6.1 software
was developed in order to meet the highest standards of the European general data protection regulation (GDPR) & the international standards of ISO 27001.

Provides on going updates, progress & efficiencies

In the digital world, in an era of ongoing changes, response centers will need to continuously update their protocols in order to stay aligned and relevant. Changes which entail high costs due to the need for on-site infrastructure changes, continuous IT support, cloud management as well as, in times, personnel recruitment. The time, staff, and budget requirements of deployment often represents a significant risk for a business of any size, and often puts such software out of the reach of smaller organizations.

HUN 6.1 is a cloud based system which is continuously upgraded and updated in alignment to the frequent changes and innovations in the field. As such it enables great efficiencies not only by reducing the internal investments and costs needed but also, by ensuring that the response center sustains high quality & innovative service. In addition, the modular & sensitive working model which tailors the software services to the response center's needs, enabling it to manage costs wisely.

 A modular suit of services (PERS & End users)

The software provides the response center a modular upgraded suit of services that can be tailored to the need of their clients. It is based on a reliable and scalable digital technology platform which can grow according to center’s needs.

HUN 6.1 was developed in order to serve efficiently few clients as well as thousands of clients, with a modular ability to add service stations upon request & need. In addition, it provides wide spectrum of services to the elder which can be tailored to their needs today as well as updated & upgraded in accordance to future status. 

At the edge of technology & innovation

Response centers who will select to work with HearUnet will be operating on the latest versions of software available, with access to 24/7/365 operator support as part of the monthly license fee.

Analogue, Digital. Bluetooth, WiFi connections

HUN 6.1platform is based on digital IP technology, Mobile, Bluetooth, Wifi & Smartup integration.
The interactive system can be configured onsite using its advanced system control panel or remotely.



Call Center

Smart BI & Management Tools

HUN 6.1 cloud-based platform enables data collection and business intelligence. It transform voice, video and information to data, enabling the organization to integrate more data rich applications and deliver more efficient and innovative services.

HUN 6.1 offers a wide range of management & administration reports, data analytics and BI tools to support management decisions & daily operations.

The platform was developed and studied thoroughly in order to offer managers, team leaders and users, a friendly system with ease of navigation & management. It offers dashboards for displaying live performance metrics with easy & fast data interrogation.

The system also provides
an internal monitoring system which examines the efficiencies of the service provided. It keeps track of the process from end-to-end, enabling back office workforce management, in addition to the ability to evaluate the quality of services given by recording client outcomes.


Always connected & accessible

HUN 6.1 provides a hands-free, two-way communication link between an individual and a 24-hour response center.

It offers accessibility & connection to
service providers, caregivers, family & friends

& can efficiently manage the services rendered and update the relevant functions, accordingly.

It provides real time reporting and event tracking for proactively managing one’s care at home (Everywhere at any rime).

New holistic & innovative technological service
enhancing health, community & home security care

HUN 6.1 offers wide range of new innovative technological services and tailored solutions for aging in place. It provides on top of the emergency services rendered, versatile range of solutions, relevant for today & for tomorrow, in order to enhance health, community & home security care, opening new business models and growth possibilities for the response center.

For Example:


  • Advanced emergency call service (PERS) - Doctors,
    medical teams, fire fighters, security services…

  • Advanced medical monitoring services, Full medical App,
    Drug intake management...

  • Fall detectors,bed occupancy monitor, temperature monitor...

  • Personal assistant event log & alert system

  • Wide range of home-care services - Cleaning, cooking...

  • Social and community services and events

  • Rich content services & VOD platform

  • Social welfare services

  • Grocery and e-commerce

    Services rendered via variety of formats:
    live chats, video and more

System Backups & Follow-ups

HUN 6.1 always ensures performance & functionality. Even at a state of electricity fall, communication hazards or server’s shutdown. The system can support current analogue broadcast transmission systems as well as innovation digital platforms. It entails built-in reporting system that alerts for any problems or mal function.

Remote management of devices 

HUN 6.1 has been designed to enable remote management of wide range of connected devices and a platform for future services & features. The cloud-based system enables the center to support technical and general malfunctions remotely assuring speed & quality of service.

Data Recording & Backup

The system archives every action and transaction made via the platform for monitoring & management options. It records and saves all interactions, requests & calls made by the response center, the service providers, care givers, family & friends. All handled with discreetness and with respect to one’s privacy. The data saved & backed up can be retrieved & analyzed when in need.

HUN 6.1 - Can be integrated to any Response Center

HUN 6.1 system can be incorporated to any kind of response center. From new or small centers which support relatively small amount of customers to response centers which serve thousands of customers. Everyone who needs access to a particular module of software can be set up as a user, whether it is one or two people or every user in a large organization.

In addition, the system can flexibly adapt to support the current services rendered by the center, as well as offer a wide range of innovative new services that could be offered to the end user.

Every response center is unique thus HearUnet expert team works with every response center in order to learn and analyze the needs, requirements and protocols of the center. It reviews the current & future challenges and consequently builds and plans together with the response center team, the best and most relevant offer for today’s needs and for the future challenges.

A client manager who leads HUN’s IT team is assigned for each response center. The client manager supports the client throughout the transition phase and up to the full integration of the system. The client manager assures that the platform is exploited to its full potential and in alignment to the customers’ needs.  The instruction and mentoring are provided by a well-trained & experienced team.

Meets municipal and public authorities needs

As population ages, governments & municipal authorities around the world face new economic & social challenges.
HUN 6.1 offers the latest technology enabled solutions to meet the challenges of aging in place. It provides range of solutions which enable response centers to support the authorities in addressing those challenges and assuring  relevant product offer for elder who choose to age at home.