As population ages, more and more people find themselves caring for an elder or a needed member. The need for caregiver to support an elder, father, mother, relative comes with a set of unique challenges. On top of the current day to day chores one needs to treat, visit, drive and most of all worry for his cared person.  Long-distance caregiving is increasingly common among caregivers today, but to help manage caregiver responsibilities from a distance, many are turning to senior monitoring sensors and PERS support. These systems can help alert caregivers to potential safety issues providing them peace of mind.

HearU caregivers provides caregivers continuous updates on their loved ones even from a geographical distance.  HearU Caregiver App which is placed on their mobile, enables caregivers to view any emergency activity and be assured they are well treated and updated. 


The needs of the senior population change, they are looking for more solutions which will enable them to be more vital and independent. HearU Service Providers, offers wide range of solutions by professional & reliable service providers who had been carefully screen & selected by the HearUnet team.


HearUnet is a cloud-based software system for response & emergency centers. It provides easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services and can dynamically scale to meet the needs of the clients & end users. By using HeatrUnet cloud platform, there is no need for the response center to provision or deploy its own resources or IT staff to manage the services and upgrade them continuously in alignment to the changing digital landscape. HearUnet cloud services include online data storage and backup solutions, on going system upgrades, web-based services, database processing, managed technical support services and more.