The ultimate management solution
for response centers and for millions of people who choose to age in place

HearUnet transforms today's analogue based emergency response centers to a digitally connected ecosystem for aging in place. It is a technologically innovative response center management system (B2B2C) which addresses the new challenges of the growing longevity economy in a digital world.​

 More Then a Product 

A cloud based service management software system which enables personal emergency response centers (PERS) to transform easily, confidently & efficiently to the new digital era & to the world of possibilities it unveils.

A technological platform which offers wide range of solutions by professional & reliable service providers who had been carefully screen & selected by HearUnet team

The latest technology system, offering wide range of solutions across the health, housing and social care, which allows all those who wish to age in place, do so, confidently & independently.

HearUnet is a cloud-based management system for response & emergency centers. It provides easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services and can dynamically scale to meet the needs of the clients & end users

An upgraded mobile App which provides caregivers continuous updates on their loved ones enabling them to view any emergency activity and be assured they are well treated, even from a geographical distance. 

The platform offers professional and modular portfolio as well as customized solutions for response centers who provide services for the aging population at home as well as the caregiver & service provider

There are three mega trends in the world

The world is

Global meta-trends suggest that during the coming years (by 2030) the earth’s population will reach the unique point in time at which there will be an inverted shift in the world population. For the first time in history, the percentage of people over 65 years of age will be higher than the percentage of young people

The 65+ needs are changing

The senior market is becoming a large, significant and influential population segment. Its size and unique characteristics make this audience a relevant and important player, for which newer and more innovative support services are being established. 

The world moves to a digital future

The digital transformation of communication platforms reshapes the industry landscape. It offers companies an opportunity to rebuild their market positions, redefine their business systems, and create innovative offerings and services for customers.

Global Market Statistics

901 M






Number of 65+ globally
Choose to age at home
PERS Market value  (2025)

The opportunity

Address a growing need of the longevity economy, the 3rd largest economy in the world, at the most relevant time, with a strong well experienced team.

HearUnet will enable hundreds of emergency response centers around the world, who serve millions of elder who choose to age in place, to sustain relevance as well as provide new technology enabled solutions as profitable vehicles of growth. 

The Team

Arik Ofir



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Shuli Carmel

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Meir Cohen


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Our Digital Journey

Why HearUnet


The New Generation of PERS & Aging in place Technology

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